Mogadishu Mayor launches 2017 edition of General Daa'uud Cup

Friday September 15, 2017 - 19:08:35
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Mayor of Mogadishu Thabet Abdi Mohamed kicks the first ball of 2017 edition of General Daa'uud CUP on Friday 15th of September 2017
It was a radiant experience for Mogadishu FC to beat a national league side, Gaadiidka FC by 3-1 in the inaugural match of the 2017 edition of General Daa'uud Cup on Friday.

The opening match of the competition which is the second most-watched sporting event in the country was watched by top profile officials, including Somali National Army Chief of staff, General Ahmed Mohamed Jimaale, Mayor of the capital, Thabet Abdi Mohamed, and Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab.

Speaking at a colorful ceremony for the start of the competition, Somali football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, commended the Mayor of the Capital Mogadishu, Thabet Abdi Mohamed, for his dedication to help the promotion of football in the country.

"The Mayor is a young man who loves football and is always ready to give us any assistance we need in terms of the development of the game” SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said during his speech at the opening ceremony.

"Also I would like to thank the Somali National Army Chief of staff, General Ahmed Mohamed Jimaale, for his full sponsorship. The Somali National Army has been sponsoring this tournament for the past three years and General Jimaale has promised that such sponsorship will continue forever” president, Abdiqani Said Arab, noted before welcoming General Jimaale to the microphone.

The Army Chief of Staff, said that the name of General Daa’uud was given to this competition to keep him remembered every year and talk to the young people about the late father of Somali Army.

"He was the father and the founder of our Army, which as you all know was one of the most powerful military in Africa. He was a key pillar for the country’s sovereignty and the existence of our National Army” General Jimaale, said.

The Mayor of the Somali Capital, Thabet Abdi Mohamed, said it was a great honor for him to be invited to attend such historic football event. "It is a privilege for me that Somali Football Federation honored me to kick the first ball of the 2017 edition of General Daa’uud Cup” the Mayor said before heading to the centre of the field of play to kick the first ball.

Two matches were played on Friday. In the inaugural match, Mogadishu FC thrashed Gaadiidka FC 3-1 at Stadium Banadir, while FC Banadir beat Midnimo FC 1-0 in the second match which was played at the National Technical Centre.

General Daa’uud Abdulle Heri, was born in the town of Mareeg in Central Somalia in 1919. He is regarded as the father of Somalia’s Armed Forces. He founded the Somali National Army on 12th of April in 1960, just nearly three months before the country’s independence on 1stof July 1960. He died in 1965. Somali Football Federation has been organizing the annual General Daa’uud Cup since 1972 in the memory of the late father of Somali national Army.

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