Somalia fight drugs through football

Thursday June 01, 2023 - 18:38:29
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SFF president Ali Abdi Mohamed, kicks the first ball to launch the Anti-drugs football tournament
As football is a powerful sport and can have influence in the community in many ways, Somalia is benefiting from football's power by using the sport as a tool to fight drugs and create friendship among teenagers from different districts and neighborhoods.

On Thursday 1st of June 2023, the president of Somali Football Federation, Ali Abdi Mohamed, launched "FIGHT THE DRUGS” football tournament with the main objective is to use the game as an awareness campaign against the use of drugs which nowadays became more common in teenagers.

"In recent days we have witnessed that an increasing number of our teenagers are using drugs and we know that football has the power to attract the attention of teenagers so we are using the game as a tool to fight against drugs and turn the teenagers’ attention to the sport” Somali Football Federation president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said.

"This tournament benefits us in many ways. In one way the tournament will safe many teens from drugs and in the other way it will produce talented players for the clubs and as well as for the national youth team” president Ali Abdi Mohamed, explained.


The three-week tourney is being hosted at the ill-equipped ground of Mogadishu City Club, a top flight in the Somali Premier league. The anti-drug football tournament is being contested by 16 youth teams each represented by 13-15-year-old boys.

"I am very delighted that my youth team is taking part in this special {fight the drugs} tournament which we are also hosting at our ground. I love football and welcoming 16 youth teams to the MCC ground is a big thing for me” Mogadishu City Club president, Abukar Hussein Muhumed, said.

"Our facility is lacking all the necessary things it needed to host a professional tournament, but at least we are making use of what we have and we have been able to host the event. We have the ground and we are trying our best to get an artificial turf installed by next year or so” Muhumed added.

Somali Football Federation media department

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