First supper cup trophy for Jeenyo since its revival

Friday December 12, 2014 - 12:27:28
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In what was one of the most zealous matches in Somalia's recent history, one of the country's oldest football clubs, Jeenyo United has made a major approach since they were revived in 2012 after they won the Somali Supper cup.

In Friday’s hotly-contested match that attracted tens of thousands of fans from various destinations in the country, Jeenyo United beat their Banadir Sports Club rivals by 5-4 in penalties after the normal time ended in 2-2 draw.

Sponsored by the country’s largest Network provider Hormuud Telecom, the match was played at Banadir Stadium which was redecorated by FIFA last the year.

Somali Football Federation president Abdiqani Said Arab who addressed at the closing ceremony of the 2014 supper cup match thanked Hormuud Telecom for taking the decision to encourage football promotion in the country.

"Football is now booming in Somalia and it gives me a great pleasure to see Hormuud Telecom having full involvement in football and on the behalf of Somali Football Federation I am fully lauding for such constructive decision by Hormuud Telecom” SFF President Abdiqani Said Arab told the media during his speech.

"I also would like to welcome Coca-Cola branch in Somalia and Salam Bank for joining hands with us in the promotion of Football in Somalia” the president continued to say.

The president said that the role played by local media in covering Somali Football activities in the country and the greater cooperation they developed with SFF media department were hugely appreciated.

The supper cup trophy was the second major success for Jeenyo United since they rejoined into Somali football platform early in 2014. So far the club won the country’s General Da’ud cup this year.

The supper cup is always contested by the league winners and the winners of General Da’ud cup. Banadir Sports Club’s young player Ga’al Farah has been crowned as the man of the Supper cup match.

Founded in 1948, Jeenyo United FC disappeared in the aftermath of the collapse of Somalia in 1991, but they were revived in March 2012, several weeks before the death of former Somali FA president Said Mahmoud Nur, who on March 11, 2012 welcomed the old club into the field of football after more than two decades of absence.

Somali Football Federation Media department

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