MCC leads, as Somali Premier League and Division One first legs come to an end

Monday March 22, 2021 - 18:05:06
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The first leg of Somali Premier League has come to an end, with Mogadishu City Club in the lead of the top sporting event in the country.

MCC clinched this top position after defeating Gaadiidka FC in its last match of the first half played on 19th of March to force Raadsan FC to finish in the 2nd place. Mogadishu City Club, has 22 points, while Raadsan is in second position with 20 points. Somali military Club Hoseed SC, has 17 points, while the national police team Heegan SC finished 4th with 16 points.

MCC chairman, Abukar Mohamed Sheik, organized a colourful appreciation ceremony for his team to thank them for being able to clinch on the top of the league as the first half ended. "I am very delighted that the first leg has come to an end with MCC in the top position. This is the result of the professional exhibition you have made in all games you played, I am very proud of you” MCC chairman, Abukar Mohamed Sheik, told his players during the thank you ceremony.

Meanwhile, the first leg of Somali Division One football league, has also come to an end with Badbaado FC leading with 21 points, while Sahafi FC and Jazeera SC are in the second place with each having 20 points.

The second legs of both events will resume after the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan ends, as every adult in the country including players will be fasting during Ramadan.

Somali Football Federation Media Department

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