8-man Banadir knock Elman by 3-1

Tuesday November 12, 2013 - 21:43:14
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In what was described as the hottest and the most zealous match in Somalia's Nation Link Telecom championship, 8-man Banadir Sports Club have humiliated the defending champion Elman FC by 3-1 on Tuesday.

Fans of both sides started to occupy their seats in Banadir Stadium at least four hours before the start of Tuesday’s very competitive match. Banadir, who lost to Elman in the Supper cup match recently, were committed to winning Tuesday’s match and seemed to be dominating most of the game. Banadir scored all three goals in the first half of the match which ended in 3-0 in favour of Banadir Sports Club.

In the 20th minute of the first half, Marcel Samson Otugi (Kenyan) scored the first goal for his Banadir sports Club, while Abdirisak Ali Mohamed scored the second goal in the 36th minute of the match, as the last goal came from Adil Nur Ali who made the match 3-0 in favour of Banadir Sports club.

However Elman got the lone goal from a penalty kick award that was thrown by Mohamed Nur Abdi in the 66th minute of the second half. Three of Banadir’s players were red carded during the match. However, it was very huge victory for the eight-man Banadir to destroy the country’s defending champions by 3-1.

As shown in the fixtures on Wednesday will be a rest day, but on Thursday Dekedda will take on Heegan. Both clubs have three points each. Heegan defeated Gaadiidka by 3-2 in the opening match on Friday while. Dekedda thrashed Horseed by 3-0 on Sunday.

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