SFF headquarters and Ocean Stars hotel to be ready by early 2022.

Thursday November 04, 2021 - 09:42:24
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Ocean Stars Hotel is under construction
Somali Football Federation executive committee members led by the president, Abdiqani Said Arab, paid a working visit to the future SFF headquarters and Ocean Stars accommodation which are now being constructed under the FIFA Forward project.

The purpose of the working tour was to assess how the construction projects of these two sites are underway and get an update on the expected completion date of the construction work.

During the working visit, construction engineers told SFF delegation that both the Ocean Stars hotel and the SFF headquarters are expected to be ready by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

The completion of the headquarters will mark a new chapter in Somali Football Federation’s 70-year history, as this will be the first SFF-owned headquarters since it was founded in 1951.

"The era of working in rented offices will end soon, as our future headquarter will be ready to move in by early next year, as the engineers doing the construction work have confirmed to us today” SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said after the working tour on Thursday. He continued to say: "Thanks to world football’s governing body FIFA for making Somali FA’s long-standing dreams come true”.

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