Ministry of sport, SFF send condolence to Ocean Stars member Liban Abdiaziz on the passing of his father.

Sunday June 14, 2020 - 17:19:06
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Sports Minister, Hon. Khadija Mohamed Diriye, Right and SFF president Abdiqani Said Arab. FILE PHOTO.
Somali minister for youth and sports, Hon. Khadija Mohamed Diriye, SFF president Abdiqani Said Arab and his deputies, Ali Abdi Mohamed and Abdullahi Sheik Nor Ahmed, have sent a joint condolence message to Ocean Stars member Liban Abdiaziz on the death of his beloved father, Abdiaziz Abdullahi.

The late Abdiaziz Abdullahi died of a heart attack at VU hospital in Amsterdam on Sunday. He was admitted to the hospital on Thursday night due to a complication of heart attack, according to his son, Liban Abdiaziz Abdullahi, a key Ocean Stars member.

"I am saddened to hear of the death of Liban’s father. On behalf of the federal republic of Somalia, I would like to send my heartfelt condolence to our national player, Liban Abdiaziz Abdullahi on the death of his father” minister for youth and sport Hon. Khadija Mohamed Diriye, said.

"Liban represents the whole nation and the death of his father is a painful experience for all Somalis. We all mourn for the death of his beloved father” minister for youth and sport Hon. Khadija Mohamed Diriye, added.

On his side, the president of Somali Football Federation, Abdiqani Said Arab, added that the death of Liban’s father marks a painful moment for the nation’s football family. "We are all grieving for the loss of Abdiaziz Abdullahi and my heart goes out to Liban and his family in this painful moment” President Arab said. "We belong to Allah and to him we shall all return. May Allah have mercy upon him” the president said in his conscience message.

Other SFF members sending condolence to Liban are:

Abdisamad Sheik Qasim. Executive committee member

Yahye Mohamed Abukar. Executive committee member

Abdi Osman Damey. Executive committee member

Omar Mahmoud Nour. Executive committee member

Abukar Isalaw Hassan. Executive committee member

Abdalla Mahmoud Hersi. Executive committee member

Said Abdi Haibeh. Ocean Stars manager.

Abdirizak Farah Omar. Football coach and former Elman FC chairman.

Fahmo Kuulle Ali. SFF finance manager.

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