SFF sets a date for Football development courses in Hir-shabelle State.

Sunday March 08, 2020 - 23:50:34
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SFF Vice president for regional development Abdullahi Sheik Nor Ahmed
Somali Football Federation has announced the date for this year's football development courses allocated for the Hir-Shabelle State.

Somali Football Federation vice president for regional development, Abdullahi Sheik Nor, who made the announcement said that arrangements have been completed and the football development courses allocated for the federal member state will be held from 20-24 March as planned. "The development courses are held in all regional states throughout the year. Hir-shabelle will be the first state to benefit the courses this year while other states will follow right after the Holy month of Ramadan as scheduled” Mr. Nor said in a statement.

He added that the development courses to be staged in the regional state are coaching, refereeing and football administration. The courses will be hosted in the city of Beledweyn which has recovered from the deadly flooding which affected the city late last year. "We were intending to do the development courses in Beledweyn before this time, but we were obliged to wait until the city fully recovers from the floods which affected it so badly” the vice president added.

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