Mogadishu Mayor encourages victorious Jubbaland football team

Monday December 25, 2017 - 11:07:13
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Mayor of Somali Capital Mogadishu, Thabet Abdi Mohamed, invited Jubbaland football team members to an honor dinner at his compound as an encouragement for the winning team of the second edition of Somali Inter-State football competition.

"Welcome to your country’s capital Mogadishu once again and welcome to my compound. I am really very glad that you all had a very pleasant stay in Mogadishu and enjoyed your time here” the Mayor said in his speech.

"This is to encourage you and congratulate you for winning the football competition” Mogadishu Mayor, Thabet Abdi Mohamed told the visiting delegation. During the event, the mayor had conversations with the team players, telling them they are the country’s future. He praised each member of the team for their performance in the competition and finally winning the trophy.

The team members were seen taking photographs with the Mayor on their mobile phones. The Mayor was more open to the players and showed them that as a young man he is one of them.

Other government officials including ministers and parliament members who attended the honor dinner all congratulated the team for winning the competition a year after they lost to Puntland in the final.

Meanwhile, internal security minister, Mohamed Abukar Islaw, who addressed at the ceremony, first congratulated the victorious team. The minister said that the sport can only develop when there is peace and the government was committed to creating a peaceful atmosphere for the game to develop.

Somali Football Federation Media Department

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