Somali FA conducts training courses for regional coaches and referees.

Wednesday June 01, 2016 - 15:56:52
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The Somali Football Federation [SFF] has on Wednesday 1st of June launched the 3rd phase of training courses for regional soccer coaches and referees in the city of Jowhar some 90 kilometers north of the capital Mogadishu.

The courses which are being conducted under the 2016 regional development scheme announced by SFF president, Abdiani Said Arab, brought together some 30 participants who are 20 referees and 10 coaches.

Chairman of Middle Shabelle regional local football committee, Sharif Nur Mahmoud, thanked Somali Football Federation for its commitment to making sure that development courses are organized in the region only three months after a new football committee was elected in the region, an election that for the first time took place without interference from the government.

Somali Football Federation senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, who delivered a short address at the launching ceremony of the training courses, said that it was the duty of his federation to ensure that football reaches every single tiny village in the country.

He commended the region’s governmental authorities for accepting an election which brought in new football administrators without governmental interference, adding that it was impossible for Somali FA to develop football where football officials are appointed and fired by governmental authorities.

The deputy governor of the Middle Shabelle region, Ahmed Meyre Makaraan, a football-mad politician who has been actively working with Somali FA over the years, said that it was an honor for his region to host the 3rd phase of regional development courses, pledging that his regional administration will develop very healthy cooperative relations with Somali Football Federation.

Before launching the courses, the regional deputy governor, Ahmed Meyre Makaraan, urged the attendees to benefit from the training courses to be able to help develop football in the areas they represented.

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