Ministry of sport and SFF discuss the upcoming Inter-State football tournament

Monday November 30, 2020 - 18:19:11
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Sports Hamza Said Hamza, state minister Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Ali and deputy minister Ahmed Omar Islaw are pictured with SFF president, vice presidents and other officials after the meeting held at the minister's office on Monday November 30. Photo courtesy is for the ministry of sport.
Somali ministry for youth and sport and Somali Football Federation have on Monday November 30, held a fruitful meeting about next month's inter-state football tourney which is slated to be hosted in the capital Mogadishu.

The minister for youth and sport, Hamza Said Hamza, was accompanied in the meeting by the State minister, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Ali, deputy minister Ahmed Omar Islaw, director of sport Saa’id Ahmed Hassan and consultant Ibrahim Hussein Ali, while SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab, was accompanied by senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, vice president for regional development, Abdullahi Sheik Nor Ahmed, executive committee members, Abdi Osman Damey and Abukar Islaw Hassan.

Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said that it is something very special for Somali Football Federation, that a former Ocean Stars member is now serving as the country’s minister of sport -- the first such football star to lead the ministry for the first time in the country’s history. "The SFF and the ministry will closely work together and I am fully hopeful that the ministry will greatly contribute to the development of football in Somalia” SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab, told the meeting.

The state minister, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Ali, added he was pleased to have attended a colourful draw event which saw the presence of all regional football authorities on Sunday evening. "The ministry of sport is jubilant that the SFF is working in a professional way and I would like to commend them for their preparedness for the competition” state minister, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Ali, explained.

On his side, the minister for youth and sport, Hamza Said Hamza, said that the organization of inter-state tournament has a great priority for the country, as it leads to public integration and creates friendship amongst Somali youths.

"Such competitions prevent young people from using drugs and encourage more young people get involved in the sport. The increase of the number of competitions in the country is also vital for the stabilization of the nation” the minister for youth and sport, Hamza Said Hamza, indicated. The minister thanked Somali football federation for the enormous tasks it is doing in the country, while he recognized that the SFF has been working in difficult times.

"The government will support you in your efforts to develop football in the country” the minister told SFF officials in the meeting. The draw ceremony you organized last night in which the state minister represented us, was really very admirable” the minister noted.

In conclusion, it was decided December 18, as the kick off date of the 2020 edition of Somali inter-state football tournament instead of 15 December, because the ministry of sport has a marathon job from December 15-17, a date previously set for the Somali youth conference.

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