SFF president announces Qardho Stadium artificial turf installation after his working tour to Puntland

Monday October 12, 2020 - 20:19:43
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A top level delegation led by Somali Football Federation president, Abdqiani Said Arab, accompanied by vice president for regional development, Abdullahi Sheik Nor Ahmed and executive committee member, Abukar Islaw Hassan, has concluded a three-day working tour to Puntland State, northeast of the country with making pledges to boost the region's football.

In a statement at the end of SFF delegation’s official three-day tour to the Puntland State of the federal republic of Somalia on Monday evening, president Arab, said that the working tour to the region was meant to scope the state of football in the region where SFF previously commenced development programs and as well as to assess their needs for a greater football development. A note has been taken and the region is set to benefit more from next year’s nation-wide development initiatives that will cover all federal member states.

As he was talking during his visit to the Puntland State, SFF president said "We depend on FIFA as our main source of finance and as well as CAF with no other sources of income, but having less financial capacity doesn’t prevent us from reaching the country edge to edge” the president noted.

"The SFF pays the running costs of football offices in all Federal member states and as well as finances football leagues in all states. In the future we are expecting to secure sponsorships, but once again thanks to FIFA under the leadership of President Gianni Infantino for doing all it can to take Somali football to the position we are and I hope more to come” SFF president added.

During their stay in the region, SFF president and his delegation visited the headquarters of Puntland Football Association where they met with the regional football officials and studied how the region’s day-to-day football activities are managed.

On his side, the minister for youth and Sports of the Puntland State of Somalia Jama Farah Muse, who met the SFF delegation said that football is not only a game to play, but also emphasised that the very influential sport plays a key role in promoting peace and integration of peoples and thanked Somali Football Federation for being generous to the city of Qardho where a new football stadium will be built.


As the three-day official working tour to the region by the top level Somali Football Federation delegation has concluded, a huge project for the construction of Qardho City’s new football field has been made known.

"I am thankful to the president of the Puntland State of Somalia His excellency, Said Abdullahi Dani, for donating a piece of land for the purpose of football use” SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said.

The SFF with the assistance from world football’s governing body FIFA, has announced that it will award the city with the installation of an artificial football turf of Qardho football stadium, while the government of the Puntland State and local football community will cover the rest of the costs including the construction. The project will begin soon.

Somali Football Federation vice president for regional development, Abdullahi Sheik Nor Ahmed, who is the man in charge of football development across regions in the country, said that their delegation’s visit to the State was a morale-boosting move for the region’s youths and it coincided with the right time.

Meanwhile, in the second leg of his nationwide official tour, SFF president Abdiqani Said Arab and his delegation will arrive in the neighbouring Gal-Mudug State on Tuesday.

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