SFF expresses respect and gratitude towards Somali embassy in Uganda.

Monday December 30, 2019 - 16:20:55
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Somali football federation (SFF) has expressed a very warm admiration for the brilliant job that Somali embassy in Uganda is doing for the Somalis living in Uganda and those who travel to that country for different purposes including the Ocean Stars who recently enjoyed an excellent welcome from the embassy.

"Somali Football Federation would like to take this opportunity to thank Somali deputy ambassador to Uganda, his excellence Jibril Afyare, for embracing an enormous national task. SFF fully appreciates the work by diplomat Jibril Afyare, who has done his utmost to encourage the national team” Somali Football Federation said in a statement.

"Mr Afyare spent most of his time with the team to encourage them. He was with them during training sessions, made daily visits to their hotel and was with them before, during and after all matches to thank them for representing Somalia well” the statement added.

"He made the Somali Football Federation delegation feel they have a true patriot who knows his duty as a diplomat and we express respect and gratitude towards him” the Somali football federation statement concluded.

Somali deputy ambassador to Uganda, his excellence Jibril Afyare shakes hands with Ocean stars in their dressing room before match against Burundi


Somali Football Federation Media Department


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