SFF survey identifies major football development needs in two States

Thursday March 21, 2019 - 19:37:24
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In South West State footballers have to dress up in front of the spectators as there are no dressing rooms.
Somali Football Federation is set to launch special development programs for all regional states after assessments conducted in two regional states, found a gap in football development, president Abdiqani Said Arab, announced.

The announcement comes after two delegations sent by Somali Football Federation to Jubbaland and South West States in a bid to evaluate the state of football in those regions reported major football development needs. The first phase of the assessment missions which continued from 13-16 March 2019 were carried out by two SFF secretariat members, Jamal Hashi and Mohamed Jabane.

The conducting of the surveys was ordered by the president of Somali Football Federation Abdiqani Said Arab based on the development programs approved during SFF executive committee last month. The main objective for the surveys was to study the needs for football development in the regions and see the level of football in every state.

During the four-day surveys, SFF delegates toured football facilities and offices of the regional football associations to evaluate whether there are fully-functioning offices with the proper office equipment and that regional office bearers are regularly on duty.

Jubbaland State Survey

In Jubbaland, the main football facility Waamo Stadium hosts local football league and has the artificial football turf, but the stadium has no tribute and the VIPS position needs much reconstruction from the very bottom. It doesn’t have proper dressing rooms and as well as the playing field needs security fencing.

In terms of football knowledge, the survey found out that the region needs additional trainings and seminars including: refereeing, coaching and football administration courses. The offices of the region’s football association are in operation, but are poorly equipped which means they need the proper office equipment and as well as furniture.

South West State

In South West State, there is no proper football stadium. The ground is there but it doesn’t have the artificial turf and as well as there are no toilets, no dressing rooms and the players are seen dressing up in front of the spectators. The region has football teams, but the teams are ill-equipped and they need proper football equipment, as the region is preparing to organize its football league very soon. In terms of knowledge, the region hugely needs regular capacity building programs including refereeing, coaching and football administration courses.

"This region needs special consideration and the SFF is committed to quickening the organization of the education courses. We want each regional state to be able to organize their activities independently” Somali Football Federation vice president for regional development, Abdullahi Sheik Noor, said. "South West’s main football facility should soon be reconstruction and the artificial turf has to be installed, because without having those in place, it will be impossible to technically developed footballers” Mr. Abdullahi Sheik Noor added.

Meanwhile, the president of Somali Football Federation, Mr. Abdiqani Said Arab, added that the second phase of the regional football development needs assessments will focus on three federal states, Puntland, Gal-Mudug and Hir-Shabelle.

"In April, we are planning to carry out surveys in those three states as part of our football development assessment programs for all regions and based on our findings, we will then be able to have full understanding on what we have to do and where we are to target one after the other” president Abdiqani Said Arab, said.

"According to the development programs approved by the executive committee in February, the development programs set for regions include, the renovation of football facilities and the installation of artificial turf on a number of grounds and on top of that capacity building activities including refereeing, coaching and football administration courses will be organized in all regions in 2019” Somali Football Federation president explained.

FIFA still remains the sole source of income for Somali Football Federation and all these development programs will be financed through the FIFA Forward program FIFA, as Somali Football Federation doesn’t get any financial assistance from government and doesn’t have local sponsors as well.

"We only count on FIFA and we expect from them to give a particular consideration to Somalia. Thanks to FIFA for all you were and still doing for Somali Football” president Abdiqani Said Arab noted.

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