SFF president visits FIFA Home, meets with President Infantino.

Tuesday October 02, 2018 - 11:05:57
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SFF president Abdiqani Said Arab meets with FIFA president Gianni Infantino at the FIFA home in Zurich Switzerland. PHOTO By Federico Raviglione, FIFA President's office
The president of Somali Football Federation, Abdiqani Said Arab, has met with FIFA president Gianni Infantino at the FIFA Home in Zurich Switzerland.

After attending the meeting of the organizing committee for FIFA competitions in Zurich on Monday, Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, toured FIFA headquarters where he met with the president of FIFA Gianni Infantino discussing with him several issues pertaining to the development of football in Somalia.

During the high-level meeting, FIFA president Gianni Infantino commended Somali Football Federation president for the tangible football progress Somalia has made in recent years despite of the difficult situation the country has been experiencing for decades. "Once again I requested FIFA president to come to Somalia and he expressed his appreciation to visit Somalia” SFF president said.

FIFA president reiterated his willingness to visit Somalia and Somali Football Federation president lauded for the great pronouncement. "FIFA schedule is very full, so president Infantino and I have agreed that after checking his diary, president Infantino will inform me the date of his travel to Somalia” SFF president said adding that it will not be long until FIFA president arrives in Somalia.

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