New financial system, key other development plans adopted at Somali Football Federation AGM

Sunday December 31, 2017 - 17:58:50
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The annual general meeting of Somali Football Federation [SFF], unanimously adopted some key development plans including the introduction of an online financial management system plus the creation of new competitions.

The secretariat read to the AGM a detailed budgetary statement and activity report for the 2017 which was unanimously approved by the day-long Annual General meeting which took place at the Lido Sea Food village in Lido beach resort of Mogadishu. The AGM also adopted the financial statement plus activity plans for 2018. The AGM has also unanimously lauded for the introduction of the first ever online financial management system together with a new external auditor whose duties with the SFF will start from 2018.

New Elite league Name.

The annual general meeting has approved the change of name for the country’s top football league which will be called "SOMALI PREMIER LEAGUE” with immediate effects as the AGM ends. Other key development schemes approved by the AGM include:

·A new competition will be created for the top five sides of the Somali Premier League. The new competition is named Star League and the winner of the Star League will receive prize money of 5000 USD.

·Each of the Premier League Clubs must have its own youth team to be able to produce new young talents.

·The winners of the five regional football leagues in the country will be competing in the National Football League which is a new competition to be created in 2018.

·What is now known as the 2ndDivision League will take a new name as Division One football league.

·The annual general meeting approved the creation of another new league which is named Division Four League. This is part of SFF’s plans to create additional opportunities for Somali youngsters.

Development assistance for the nation’s football Clubs

The president of Somali Football Federation, Abdiqani Said Arab, said that the SFF is intending to increase its development projects for football clubs in the country in a bid to accelerate Somalia’s football promotion. The development plans for the clubs include the increase of capacity building administration workshops for the secretariat of all clubs” the president said adding that the SFF will also fully equip the offices of the country’s football clubs. The announcement has attracted a huge welcome from club authorities and the entire football family of the country.

However, the annual general meeting also lauded for the announcement by the Somali Football Federation president Abdiqani Said Arab that Somalia will be able to invite foreign national teams to the country, as Mogadishu prepares for hosting international matches for the first time since November 1990.

In the end of the annual general meeting, the chairmen of all 25 National Football Clubs were awarded with certificates of honor for their contribution to the development of the game.

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