SFF conducts media workshop for promising football writers.

Monday August 14, 2017 - 17:26:54
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Somali Football Federation has on Monday 14th of August concluded a two-day media workshop for young football journalists including six females.

Held at the Sahafi Hotel in Mogadishu, the football media training workshop was the second of its kind organized by the SFF and it was mainly intended to boost the journalists’ general knowledge for the game and as well as to promote their writing skills.

SFF senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, who spoke at the conclusion ceremony of the workshop, expressed a warm admiration for the role that local journalists have been playing in the development of the game in Somalia. He added that the Somali media used their profession in the right direction to help promote football in the country.

Somali Football Federation, [SFF] president, Abdiqani Said Arab, added that Somali media is a vital organ which has always been very crucial for developing football in the country.

"We believe that you [media people] have a significant percentage in every progress that Somalia football has made so far. The number of spectators coming to football facilities in the country has hugely increased and that is because of the work by the football journalists” president Abdiqani Said Arab said during his address at the closing ceremony on Monday.

The president announced that such media training workshop will be organized every year as part of the SFF’s annual development programs particularly that intended to increase the knowledge of football journalists in the country.  Below is the list of names of young journalists who were trained at the two-day media workshop.

1- Mahad Shariif Jilacow

2- Naciimo Cabdullahi Aadan

3- Cabdirisaaq Cumar Maxamuud

4- Cabdullahi Axmed Cali

5- Xuseen Maxamed Cabdiraxman

6- Maxamed Shuuriye Nuur

7- Cabaas Cabdi Xaashi

8- Maxamed Xuseen Qalinle

9- Simon Taveta

10- Xuseen Maxamed Hadaafow

11- Maxamed Axmed Siyaad

12- Cabdirashiid Maxamuud Maxamed

13- Faarax Subeyr Xaaji Xasan

14- Maxamed Cabdi Muudey

15- Maxamed Raage Xasan

16- Sacdiyo Cali Xasan

17- Hanaa Maxamed Maxamuud

18- Nafiso Xuseen Cabdi

19- Guuleed Cali Cusmaan

20- Muqtaar Aweys Xasan

21- Cabdicasiis Cali Cusmaan

22- Najiib Cabduqaadir Xuseen

23- Maryan Cabdulle Xasan

24- Nasro Kiin Xaashi Nuurre


Somali Football Federation Media Department


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