FIFA MA refereeing course for Somalia gets to conclusion.

Wednesday July 13, 2016 - 15:50:12
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The world Football's governing body [FIFA], in collaboration with Somali Football Federation, has concluded a 5-day FIFA MA refereeing course for Somalia in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday, 13th of July.

The course was attended by 30 referees including international and national levels and was conducted by technical instructor, Felix Tangawarima [Zimbabwe] and fitness instructor, Mohamed Hussein Ali [Djibouti].

FIFA fitness instructor, Mohamed Hussein Ali, who addressed at the closing ceremony, said he admired at the fitness and performance of the Somali referees. "For me it is the first time to arrive in Somalia, but I started helping and working with Somali referees back in 2010, when the Somali FA had organized its courses in Djibouti and now I see there is a big difference” the FIFA instructor said.

"Six years ago, we had more than 50% of Somali referees failing the fitness tests, but now the situation is very different and I am happy that more than 96% has passed the new fitness test. This is the result of the hard work done by local fitness instructor Abdi Abdulle Ahmed and the entire referees committee” the instructor mentioned in his address.

FIFA technical instructor, Felix Tangawarima, started his speech with thanking the media in general and in particularly FIFA and CAF media and as well as the AIPS Media for helping the promotion of football throughout the world.

The instructor added he was very grateful to Somali football federation and the government of Somalia for the high profile hospitality they received since coming to Somalia just a week ago.

"Before I came here I was always told about Somalia and about Somali referees except some I knew from other international courses, but now I can tell people about Somalia and about Somali referees. For me that is important experience” Mr. Felix Tangawarima, said in his address.

Mr. President I want to tell you that I am very impressed with the level of your referees. Throughout the week we took them through very difficult situations, hardworking classes and hard working fitness sessions and they were good in every circumstance” he said.

"I taught and tested them against the amended laws of the game and I am happy that their level of understanding was very high. They really demonstrated their ability to do what they are required to. They are very young, very intelligent and even very committed referees” he continued to say.

"Mr. President your referees are very different from those I saw in many other African countries I visited and it is very humbling for me to be here. In FIFA we say, if you do your part, we also do our part, so we leave you to do your part as you are doing now and FIFA is committed to helping you” the instructor said to conclude his address.

Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, who finally addressed at the conclusion ceremony, commended FIFA for its efforts to enhance the level of education of referees across the world and in particularly those in Somalia. He praised the FIFA instructors for paying extra efforts to educate Somali referees. "I thank FIFA instructors for doing much work than they were supposed to. On behalf of Somali football family, I would like to thank the international instructors for the extra efforts they did” SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said.

He thanked local instructors for assisting FIFA instructors throughout the course.”I am very delighted to get a very positive message from the FIFA instructors. This shows that our local instructors had done well, because they are the ones who trained and educated such very young and talented referees from the very beginning of their career” the president noted.

Somali Football Federation Media Department

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