Football development courses launched in Puntland state

Saturday February 06, 2016 - 18:17:25
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Somali Football Federation has on Saturday (February, 6) launched three football development courses in the semiautonomous Somali state of Puntland, North east of the country.

The courses which are part of SFF’s regional football development scheme through the [Spread the football] initiative, have gathered 85 trainees who are 40 referees, 30 coaches and 15 football administrators from regions in the semiautonomous Somali state of Puntland.

The program is meant to pave the way for the country’s first ever regional football leagues which as planed will be launched in the 2nd half of 2016 and will take place in all regional states in the country.

The inauguration of the regional leagues was one of several development initiatives announced by the Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, during his post election address just a year ago.

Secretary General of the Puntland Branch football association, Abdulkader Ali Dahir, who first addressed at the launching ceremony of the development courses, said that Somali FA had spent a plenty of efforts, time and money to organize the development courses.

He urged the trainees to give much attention to the lessons being delivered during the courses. "These courses are very much important for the development of our football, so I urge you to concentrate on your lectures. When you are all back to your respected districts, we expect you to act as ambassadors in the field of developing the game” Mr. Dahir told the trainees during his address on Saturday.

On his side, the chairman of the football association in the Puntland Branch, Mr. Abdishakur Mohamed Yusuf, said that the development courses will play a big role in the the region’s football promotion, adding that through the beautiful game, his association will give the youths awareness against the dangerous trips which left thousands of youths death in the Mediterranean Sea over the years.

Somali Football Federation education officer, Ali Mohamed Ahmed, who addressed at the launching ceremony of the program, said that education is the necessary basement for the development of the game.

"FIFA and CAF give much priority to the development of education because the human resource is the main drive for the football promotion and as SFF, we decided to develop our people, because when we have educated people, we can promote the game” SFF education officer, Ali Mohamed Ahmed, said in his address.

Somali NOC executive committee member, Fadumo Ali Nur, said she was very happy to be witnessing the launching of this huge development program adding that Somali Football Federation was praiseworthy for the organization of the development courses. She urged the federal government of Somali and the regional State to invest the country’s sport which is now recovering from years of conflicts.

Director General of the Puntland ministry of sport, Ahmed Abdalla, thanked Somali Football Federation for the development of football throughout the country, adding that his ministry will join hands with SFF in its efforts to develop the game.

Somali FA vice president, Abdullahi Sheik Nur, said it was a great pleasure for his federation to inaugurate the development courses in the Puntland State adding that the program was to pave the way for the upcoming regional football leagues in the country. "Now we have an interim regional football association here in Puntland which will be in office for one year before we hold the first local football election in the Puntland state” the SFF vice president noted.

Somali FA senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said it was the first time that the SFF organizes development courses for 85 people at the same time. He said it was SFF’s commitment to expand football into every tinny village in the country, adding that the courses were part of his federation’s [Spread the football] initiative. 
He praised the minister of sport of the Puntland State for developing a very healthy relationship and cooperation with the Somali Football Federation.

Finally the minister for youth and sport of the Puntland State of Somalia Mr. Abdirahman Sheik Ahmed urged the participants to benefit from the courses before announcing that the three development program was open.

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