Somali FA AGM commends SFF for fantastic 2015 activities.

Thursday December 31, 2015 - 23:52:43
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Somali Football Federation's annual general meeting [AGM] has lauded for the major achievements in the country including some unprecedented activities made by the federation during 2015.

All congress members attended the AGM which was held in the capital Mogadishu on 31st of December. After the SFF president’s opening address, the AGM continued to discuss on several agendas in accordance with the SFF constitution.

During his address, president Abdiqani Said Arab gave detailed information on the major achievements made by the federation since he was elected as president in 2014.


He outlined to the congress that his federation implemented some of the development programs the president pledged during his post election address on 31st of August 2014, with the stakeholders showing their satisfaction with the major approaches made in the country over the year.


The president said that the increase of local competitions was one of the key pledges he made after his election a year ago, adding that some key plans in the four-year strategy have now been implemented. He praised the stakeholders for helping his executive committee for approaching their goals.


"We have broadened the participation of our national league which now has 10 teams; we created a formal annual league for our youths and the strengthening of our grassroots programs were some of the tangible activities made by the federation during the past year” the president said in his address.


The president said that his trips to regions across the country were part of the preparations for the country’s sub-regional football leagues which will be inaugurated in 2016. He said that the registration of 800 children between the ages of 9-14 was a significant step forward and was part of SFF’s grassroots development schemes for the next four years.


The realization of one of our long-existed dreams was to televise our matches live. Although it needs much investment, I promise to you that we will continue broadcasting the most important matches live until we will finally reach our target which is to get every Somali league match screened live” the president said.


He thanked the world football’s governing body FIFA for its continued support, adding that the development projects in the country were vital for helping the growth of football in the war-weary country. The president explained that his federation developed relationships and cooperation with FIFA, CAF and CECAFA.


"In 2015 with the help from FIFA we implement our first technical centre and next year we plan to complete the construction of our headquarters—this will be the first ever SFF-owned building to use as headquarters” president Abdiqani Said Arab said during his prolonged address.


"As I promised to you a year ago, accountability and transparence are our working policy and we will continue on that way” the president told the congress members.




During the day-long annual general meeting, the SFF secretariat displayed a complete activity report for the year 2015. Senior vice president and the chairman of financial committee Ali Abdi Mohamed made a financial statement of the year, while the treasury displayed the 2015 financial report which was fully welcomed by the congress.

The Congress also approved the 2016 budget with a unanimous vote. However, the congress members were fully satisfied with the transparency and the accountability shown by the SFF executive committee under the leadership of president Abdiani Said Arab. The congress also commended the federation for the unprecedented achievements made in the country so far.


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