Football 'sweetens' life for Somali orphans at Turkish school.

Wednesday August 19, 2015 - 16:32:05
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Hundreds of Somali orphans at Turkey's Anatolia Boarding school have high hopes and expectations of becoming future national team members, as they marked the end of the first six months of formal football training sessions.

The children aged between 9-15 years, had the opportunity to talk about their future expectations in football, when they met with Somali FA president, Abdiqani Said Arab, his deputy Ali Abdi Mohamed and other Somali FA senior officials during a working visit to the Anatolia Education Centre on Wednesday.


The Turkish school is holding hundreds of Somali orphans including 230 boys whose fathers were either killed in conflicts or died normally. Somali Football Federation contributed coaches and football equipment to the school where the orphans undergo formal training sessions outside their school periods and holidays.



The chancellor of Anatolia School, Mr. Abdulkader Mohamed Hirabe, who welcomed the Somali FA officials to the school, said that their visit to the school was an enormous encouragement for the boys adding that this will increase the boys’ football ambitions and expectations of national team representation.


"These boys always ask me when they will exhibit at Banadir Stadium, so your arrival here is an opportunity for them to talk to you about their needs in football and what they would like in the future” Anatolia School chancellor, Mr. Abdulkader Mohamed Hirabe told the visiting Somali Football federation (SFF) officials during the visit.

SFF senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, praised the Anatolia School management for the role they are playing in the country’s football promotion, adding that it was SFF’s main policy to add football education into school curriculum.



The Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, added that SFF was always committed to prioritizing to educate children under football for hope programs at schools in the country.

"One of the main purposes for our visit to the school is to know how much eagerness these boys have for football and how many of them would like to become well known footballers in the future” the president said.

All boys raised up their hands, when the president asked anyone who wants to be a professional footballer to raise up their hands, an indication that shows the popularity of football amongst the people of Somalia.


"In my capacity as president, I announce that SFF will draw a special program for orphans at Anatolia School, as part of our special care for these orphans” president Abdiqani Said Arab emphasized adding that the school will also take part in the next edition of schools football tournament.

The president was accompanied by his senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, Secretary General Hassan Mohamed Mohamud, Deputy Secretary General Ali Mohamed Ahmed, assistant secretary General Aweys Ahmed Jimaale and executive committee members Mustaf Elmi Afrah and Osman Jama Diraa.

Launched more than two years ago, the Anatolia Education Centre signed a cooperative deal with Somali Football Federation early this year. This was part of the expansion of SFF’s grassroots and youth programs to schools throughout the country.



Somali Football Federation Media Department

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