Banaadir region: enters the 1st position of 18th regional soccer tourney 2010

Thursday January 13, 2011 - 11:37:20
Shaafici Muxyidiin
Banaadir region has participated in Somalia’s 18th regional football tournament for peace and development which was held in the city of Garowe 15-31 of December 2010.

The Banaadir region, where Somali capital Mogadishu is located had got the chance to win the tournament in which competed by 15 Somali regions.


According to Somali Football Federation, the regional tournament which was the first of its kind to be held in Somalia for 22 years was meant to reunite the once-disunited Somali youths and create public integration and peace in the war-ravaged Somalia.


The Banaadir region was represented in the 18th regional football tournament by the, coaches and players whose names are under mentioned.




1-Cabdullaahi Siyaad Maxamed

2-Maxamed Xaaji Cabdulle Abuukar




Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Catoosh

Maxamed Xasan Barakaat

Cabdullaahi Ciise maxamuud

Axmed Cusmaan Cabdulle

Cabdi Shariif Abuukar

Ilyaas Cabdulqaadir Barre

Cabdul Qaadir Jaamac Maxamed

Kamaal Cali Maxamed

Cusmaan Sh Axmed

Maxamed Cabdi Nuur Maxamed

Beder Ismaaciil Xasan

Deeq Bucul Digis

Aweys Axmed Maxamed

Xasan Cabdul Qaadir Maxamed

Axmed Cabdul Qaadir Dayib

Cali Maxamed Awow

Cabdi Aadan Kulmiye


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