Committee appointed to coordinate the 3-day mourning services for late football administrator

Friday May 28, 2021 - 13:00:00
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SFF senior Vice President, Ali Abdi Mohamed.
Somali football federation has today appointed a six-member committee that will coordinate the funeral and mourning services for SFF former general secretary, Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud, who died in Mogadishu on Thursday night.

SFF senior Vice President, Ali Abdi Mohamed, who talked to the media today, as the late football administrator was laid to rest, unveiled the names of the six-member committee.

The funeral and mourning coordination committee is led by executive committee member, Yahye Mohamed Abukar, while its members are : Omar Mahmoud Nour, Fahmo Kuulle Ali, Wiish Yabarow, Ali Mohamed Ahmed and Mohamed Ali Abdi.

"This committee which comprises of executive committee members and the secretariat members is in charge of coordinating the funeral and mourning services for our late brother, football administrator and referee instructor, Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud” SFF senior Vice President, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said.

"Our brother had two families, his biological family and the football family whose members are here today.  The main task of the committee I have appointed today is to coordinate the funeral services and to closely work with the late brother’s biological family during during this time of hardship and agony” said Mr Ali Abdi Mohamed, who is currently serving as acting president, as president Said Arab is out of the country.

"Hassan has passed away, we have missed him and we will never meet him again, but his legacy will remain for ever” senior Vice President, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said adding that SFF will always be aware of the children left behind by our brother, Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud.

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