Key minister urges govt to invest in sport, as Somalia sends a big thank you to CAF for Said Arab's CAF Exco co-option

Sunday April 11, 2021 - 17:41:10
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In what has been seen as the most splendid sports gathering in Somalia in recent years, Somalia expressed its appreciation for the co-option of SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab, onto CAF executive committee, while the inclusion of a female member into Somali FA executive committee was also greatly acclaimed.

The event organized by Somali football stakeholders, was held in the capital Mogadishu overnight on Sunday in the presence of key government ministers and parliament members.

Somali deputy minister of finance, Prof Abdullahi Sheik Ali, congratulated Mr. Arab on his co-option onto the executive committee of Africa football’s governing body CAF.

"Abdiqani has spent a long time in serving for Somali football and I am sure that his efforts and commitment took Somalia’s football to a higher position than it previously was. His long-standing contribution to the game both in Somalia and beyond lead him to obtain this top position at CAF” deputy minister of finance, Prof Abdullahi Sheik Ali, told the gathering.

Somali minister of labour and social affairs, Duran Ahmed Farah, who previously served as the president of the national Olympic Committee of Somalia, said that it was a great honour for the whole nation that Mr Arab secured his co-option onto CAF executive committee.

"I know President Abdiqani Said Arab, very well and I can say that he spent a forceful commitment to the development of football in Somalia. I remember his dedication and hard work by the time I was the president of Somali Olympic committee and before and I am sure he deserves to be at CAF” labour minister, Duran Ahmed Farah said.

"Sport is the biggest business industry in the world currently, because the highest-paid in the world are sports players, mainly footballers, but in our country we need a huge investment. I call on the government to spend in sport so that we can reach a high level than currently we are” added minister of labour and social affairs, Duran Ahmed Farah, who served as senior vice president, general secretary and president at Somali national Olympic Committee over the years between 2000 and 2017.

"Sport cannot develop without funding. I call on the government to mention the funding for sport in its annual budget” said the labour minister and former sporting leader who knows that since 1990 Somali government has never spent a single penny in the country’s sport which depends on funding from international organizations such as FIFA, CAF and IOC.

Somali Football Federation senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, who on the behalf of Somali football family addressed at the gathering thanked CAF president Dr Patrice Motsepe, for awarding Somalia with one of the two co-option seats in the CAF executive committee.

"This ceremony is intended to thank CAF president and his executive committee for awarding Somalia with this high profile position and to congratulate our president Abdiqani Said Arab on his appointment. The gathering has also another importance which is to congratulate and show support for Mss Fahmo Kuule Ali, for securing an executive committee membership at Somali Football Federation” senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed noted, while thanking Somali Football stakeholders for organizing such a very colourful event.


It is a big step forward and it is a great victory for Somali women to secure a seat in the Somali Football Federation executive committee for the first time in more than 10 years. The last time Somali women were represented in the executive committee was in 2006 when Mrs Mulki Nur Mudei was elected to the executive committee and she served as an executive committee member for a four-year term 2006-2010, so Mss Ali’s membership is a big comeback for Somali women.

Mss Ali was coo-opted onto the Somali Football Federation executive committee in July last year, but she was unanimously voted as a full executive committee member by the congress on 31st of March this year. This marks the return of female membership into the executive committee after more than ten years.

Somali minister of labour and social affairs, Duran Farah, deputy minister of finance Prof Abdullahi Sheik Ali and all those who addressed during the event fully lauded for the development emphasising that Mss Fahmo Kuule Ali, an educated women will greatly contribute to the promotion of Somali football.

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