Somali president eulogizes SFF boss for being determined to develop football in Somalia.

Friday January 08, 2021 - 17:16:21
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Somali president, His Excellency Mohamed Adullahi Mohamed presents the trophy to the captain of Banadir football team Muse Hussein Ali. PHOTO COURTESY IS FOR THE PRESIDENTAIL PALACE
The president of the federal republic of Somalia, His Excellency Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, has extolled the president of the country's football federation, Abdiqani Said Arab, for being fully committed to the promotion of the game in Somalia.

The president of the nation made the comments during his address at the conclusion ceremony of the recently-concluded Somali Inter-State football tournament overnight on Friday. Somali parliament speaker, Mohamed Mursal Sheik, prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble and the minister of sport, Hamza Said Hamza also attended the closing ceremony.

The conclusion ceremony was held at the presidential palace where the president of the nation welcomed SFF executive committee, the winning team of the tournament and the second place team, as well as ministers, MPs, mayor of the capital, football legends and other honourable guests.

"I would like to extol the president of Somali football federation, Abdiqani Said Arab, for investing time and energy in the development of our football. He is fully determined to promote the game in Somalia” the president of the nation, His Excellency, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, said in his closing remarks.

"Mr. Abdiqani, I thank you very much for the good job you are doing for the country” president of the nation, His Excellency Mohamed Adullahi Mohamed, directly said to the SFF president during his address at the closing event.

The football-loving president of the nation who watched many matches including the final match of the Inter-State tournament, showed his admiration for the well organization of the tournament and praised all players in the competition for exercising fair play.

Meanwhile, Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said that the announcement by the president of the nation, shows his great feeling of jubilation towards the growing football development in the country.

"To get such praise and appreciation from the president of the nation, is boosting our morale and it also encouraging us to redouble what we have already been doing towards the development of football in our nation” SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said.

"It was a great moment for our football family that the country’s president welcomed us to the presidential palace and hosted a very colourful closing ceremony at his compound. It was a very fantastic experience” SFF president, Abdiqani Sadi Arab, stated.

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