Thirty five new football referees sat for training course in Puntland State

Tuesday November 10, 2020 - 18:15:52
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Somali Football Federation has today November 10, opened a training course for 35 new football referees in the Puntland State of Somalia in a bid to boost the quality and quantity of football referees in the region.

The training course which is part of the SFF’s nationwide development scheme, is taking place in the City of Garowe, the capital of the Puntland State of Somalia. The course has attracted some 35 trainees and will last for one week during which the participants will undergo a marathon theory and practical session.

Regional football development committee officer, Hussein Mahmoud Jimaale, who addressed at the launch ceremony of the course reminded the trainees of the tasks ahead telling them to greatly focus on the lessons being delivered by the instructors.

"Today you are very new trainees, but so many years ago, the instructors who are going to educate you were trainees like you. So we want you to think of becoming top referees and instructors in the future. You can reach that level, but it depends on how much efforts you do” Jimaale, told the trainees.

On his side, Somali Football Federation vice president for regional development Abdullahi Sheik Nor Ahmed, commended the ministry for youth and sports of the Puntland State and the region’s football association for being part of the implementation of this development programme.

"Refereeing is vital for the development of the game, because it is all about implementing justice. If there is no justice, then there is no game and that is why we are giving top priority to the refereeing sector” vice president for regional development Abdullahi Sheik Nor Ahmed, said.

"We have a big dream and that dream is to see you promote from regional level to national and international levels, but the most important thing is that you must be committed to developing yourself, then we can give you the hand you need to reach the level you want to” the top SFF official told the trainees during his address, adding that the SFF will also train instructors for all federal member states.

The minister for youth and sport of the Puntland State of Somalia Jama Farah Muse, said it was an honour for him to witness the growth of football in Somalia in general and particularly in the Puntland State, where he was honoured to inaugurate the training course for 35 football referees being trained for his state.

"From today, you are football referees. You are also the asset of the country, because you are being trained for Somalia, you will serve for Somalia and you will have to help develop football in your region and in Somalia as a whole” the minister for youth and sport of the Puntland State of Somalia Jama Farah Muse, told the trainees before announcing the course was open. Former international referees Dr Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud and Abdi Abdulle Ahmed are conducting the training course.


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