Thirty Somali coaches complete CAF level D coaching course

Thursday September 03, 2020 - 19:39:28
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Somali Football Federation has on Thursday, September, 3, concluded a week-long CAF level D coaching course for 30 new coaches under the auspice of Africa football's governing body CAF

The trainees were taught the principles of football coaching, as they underwent marathon practical and theoretical sessions over the past seven days. Somali Football Federation technical director, Awil Ismail Mohamed, who addressed at the closing ceremony of the coaching course commended the newly trained football coaches for their commitment to the course. "They all exercised very active participation” the technical director said.

On his side, the deputy head of technical development committee, Abukar Islaw Hassan, added that the training course was the first of its kind for the young men pledging that more other trainings will be organised for them, before handing over the microphone to Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab.

The president said that Somali Football Federation, is open to every Somali who wants to acquire football knowledge and experience adding that SFF’s role is to train anyone interested in the game from grassroots to the highest level in their fields, but it is up to the individuals to make use of what they have been taught and engage in continuous self-developments.

"I can see that there is a big difference between today and the day you started the course. You are very promising and we therefore came to decision to organize additional training programs for you” president Abdiqani Said Arab, told the newly-trained coaches, before announcing the closure of the CAF level D coaching course for Somalia.

Somali Football Federation Media Department

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