Final preparations underway, as Stadium Mogadishu, the Home of Ocean set to return into use after 16 years.

Sunday June 28, 2020 - 15:28:24
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Minister of sport Khadija Mohamed Diriye (Centre) SFF president Abdiqani Said Arab, (left) and senior VP Ali Abdi Mohamed, pose for a picture after their meeting at Stadium Mogadishu on Sunday.
Less than 48 hours prior to the reopening of Stadium Mogadishu, the country's minister of sport Hon. Khadija Mohamed Diriye together with Somali Football Federation president Abdiqani Said Arab and senior VP, Ali Abdi Mohamed, held hours-long meeting at the facility to discuss the protocol and the arrangements for the reopening ceremony of the Home of Ocean Stars.

Minister Khadija Mohamed Diriye, said that the president of the nation Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, will re-launch the facility and therefore there will be a presidential protocol in place and that is one of the top priorities she discussed with Somali Football Federation authorities during their meeting on Sunday.

"Arrangements have been ongoing for the past several days. There will be a huge opening festival with miscellaneous exhibitions including traditional dancing and different sporting activities” the minister said.

Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Sadi Arab, added that for the past several days football competitions and festivals marking the country’s independence week have been taking place, but noted that one major event will be the one-day competitive cup in honour of the re-launch of Stadium Mogadishu.

The President said that Mogadishu City Club will take on Horseed Sports Club in the prestigious one-day cup which is intended to mark on the reopening of the Home of Ocean Stars.

"It is expected that the match will be very competitive, as the two clubs are strong and each one would want to win the historic trophy. We will appoint top referees for the match” Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said.

"We are delighted that after 16 years, Stadium Mogadishu has returned to normal and is now ready for use. It is the home of Ocean Stars and we are happy to see it being in use once again” the president added.

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