SFF official, regional authorities visit Waamo Stadium being rebuilt under FIFA Forward Project.

Monday June 22, 2020 - 21:05:38
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SFF EXCO member, Engineer Abdisamad Sheik Qasim (left) passes information about the project to Jubbaland State deputy minister of sport, Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah and JFA head of competitions, Aden Abdi Sanka.
Waamo Football Stadium, in the key port city of Kismayo, some 500 kilometres south of the capital Mogadishu, which is being reconstructed under the FIFA Forward Project is expected to be completed before the end of the year, according to Somali Football Federation.

Somali Football Federation Executive committee member and head of technical development, Engineer Abdisamad Sheik Qasim, together with Jubbaland State deputy minister for youth and sports, Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah and the head of competitions department of Jubbaland Football Association, Aden Abdi Sanka, have toured the facility on Monday.

The regional sports ministry official, said his administration was pleased to see the old facility benefitting from FIFA Forward Project, thanking Somali Football Federation for awarding this huge project to Jubbaland State, where football is more popular in comparison with many regions in the country.

Somali Football Federation executive committee member, Engineer Abdisamad Sheik Qasim, said that SFF with the help from FIFA is carrying out two development projects of which one is closer to completion.

"We are doing two important projects here. In one project we are building a 50-meter tribune and the VIP position of the facility, while the other projects involves in the installation of the security fencing of the stadium and this one is nearly 85 percent complete” Mr Qasim said.

"The construction of the VIP is a huge development. Jubbaland State is well known for football and its authorities are football addicts, so constructing a well-equipped VIP to host government officials is a major breakthrough” SFF executive committee member, Engineer Abdisamad Sheik Qasim, stated.

He added that according to construction engineers, the facility is expected to be fully available for use sometime before the end of the year. "Jubbaland wanted to host Somalia’s Inter-State football tournament two years ago, but after the completion of the facility, the region will be able to realise its long-standing dreams, as Waamo Stadium will be fully available to host the event” the SFF official said.

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