Father vs son: football's influence divides family for 90 minutes.

Saturday June 01, 2019 - 22:27:26
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It is one photo, but it is more than an image. A picture showing the former Somali National Olympic Committee General Secretary, Duran Farah wearing a Liverpool shirt and his son Mustafa rebelling against his dad with Tottenham's shirt while watching the Champions League final clash which Liverpool secured a 2-0 victory has gone viral on social media on Saturday evening.

"It was a family division that lasted for 90 minutes. It was all about football which influenced us in different ways, as my son is a Tottenham fan and I am with Liverpool, the team that I have been supporting since I was a kid” former Somali NOC General Secretary Duran Farah, said.

"My son congratulated me when the final whistle was blown and that is what sportsmanship is all about. I praised my son for displaying sportsmanship in such very painful defeat” Mr. Farah explained.

Mr. Farah who served as a senior Somali National Olympic committee official for three successive terms, said that sport is more than playing games, as it causes a great public influence and enthusiasm.

"Sport is love, fraternity, friendship and peace builder and that is why we had been able to use it as a tool of peace-making in Somalia” said Duran Farah adding that in the war-weary Somalia, sport has been successful in many ways and greatly contributed to Somalia’s peace making process.

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