Somali FA launches administrative office for Hir-Shabelle State football Association

Monday May 27, 2019 - 01:18:16
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In the second phase of a series of development programs, Somali Football Federation has this week inaugurated a new administrative office for the Hir-Shabelle State football association.

The launch of the new headquarters for the regional football association comes two weeks after a survey carried out in the Hir-shabelle state discovered a huge need for football development in the regional state.

"The survey unveiled that the regional football association had no an administrative office and as well as lacked proper football fields and that is why we have come here to launch this new office where all football related activities will be coordinated” said Somali Football Federation executive committee member and the deputy chairperson for the regional development subcommittee, Abukar Islaw Hassan.

Mr. Abokar Islaw Hassan who led the SFF delegation to the regional state, also said that the region has no proper football facilities adding that an open ground is currently servicing as a football field in the city of Jowhar, the provincial capital of the Hir-Shabelle State.

The new office was jointly launched on Sunday by Somali Football Federation Exco member Abokar Islaw Hassan and Hir-Shabelle’s minister for youth and sport Mr. Omar Mohamed Omar. The new regional football association’s office is fully equipped and its monthly running costs will be covered by the SFF.

Meanwhile, Somali Football Federation vice president for regional development Abdullahi Sheik Nor, said that Hir-shabelle is one of the federal states where football is less developed, adding that before the end of the year the SFF is planning to raise the region’s football to a higher level.

"Ensuring that football is played in every tiny village in Somalia has always been in our number one priority, but this year, the 2019 is a special year for regional development and we are doing our utmost to at least green three football stadiums with artificial football turfs during this year” Somali Football Federation vice president for regional development Abdullahi Sheik Nor explained.

Somali Football Federation Media Department.

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