Musonye: Youth development programs will lead to a brighter future for football in Somalia.

Tuesday May 07, 2019 - 17:09:18
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As Somalia increased its youth football development programs, the East and Central Africa regional football governing body (CECAFA) sees a brighter future for football development in Somalia.

In a letter sent to Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, CECAFA General Secretary Mr Nicholas Musonye, wished that Somalia’s increased youth football programs will have a positive impact towards a brighter future for football in Somalia.

"Dear SFF President, I take this opportunity to congratulate you for the efforts you and your board are making to increase the number of competitions in your country. These efforts will definitely improve the standard of football in Somalia with positive impact on the region as a whole” CECAFA General Secretary, Mr Nicholas Musonye, said in his letter to Somali Football Federation president on Tuesday.

"These activities you are launching will also impact positively on the youth of Somalia to engage in football and have a change of attitude in life. Please continue with these activities for the good of the Somali youth” Mr Musonye said.

CECAFA’s appreciation message comes as this week Somalia, launched a new youth football league (the Somali U-15 Championship) which brings together boys aged 12, 13 and 14 years, while the Domestic Youth Football League is also running for the 4th successive year.

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