Montenegrin newspaper DAN banned from football reporting - matter to be discussed at AIPS Congress.

Tuesday April 28, 2009 - 13:13:16
Shaafici Muxyidiin
MILAN, April 28, 2009 - The director and editor-in-chief of Montenegrin daily newspaper DAN, Mladen Milutinovic, has made a plea to AIPS, FIFA president Sepp Blatter, UEFA president Michel Platini, and leading world newsagencies to intervene in a dispute with the Montenegrin Football Federation (MFF) which has prevented DAN journalists from reporting on all MMF matches and activities since Montenegrin independence in 2006.

Milutinovic says the dispute between DAN and MFF president Dejan Savicevic is based on the newspaper's "political" reporting. The editor-in-chief  asked that the matter be discussed at this week's 72nd AIPS Congress in Milan from April 29 - May 3.


AIPS president Gianni Merlo said the matter is a gross infringement of the right of DAN's journalists to carry out their normal work and that the International Sports Press Association will intervene in the matter at the highest level.


DAN journalists Veselin Drljevic and Todor Brajkovic will attend the Congress.


The DAN press release received by AIPS is reproduced below: 



Daily newspsper DAN

Podgorica, Montenegro

director Mladen Milutinovic

tel/ 00382 020 481 500




Nacional agencies, heads of World association of sports journalists (AIPS), Mr Sep Blater, head of FIFA, Mishel Platiini, and head of UEFA

Subject: Information


Respected collegues, journalists, and gentelmen heads of FIFA and UEFA, please let us inform you about the problem that jounarlists of newspaper DAN from Montenegro (Podgorica) have with leadership of Montenegro Foootball federation (MFF), mainly it`s president Mr Dejan Savicevic, in hope that like gentelmen Platiini and Blater you willl not stay silent and do noting in matter of drastic violation on right to labour.


Mr Dejan Savicevic, head of MFF, sence montenegrin independence in 2006, by not sighning accreditation for covering events, does not allow reporters of newspaper DAN to follow games of national football team and activities that MFF is organiser. This is from the reason that journalists of newspaper DAN did critical reporting on pollitical activities of Mr Savicevic.


His pride he could protect in court, but insted, he turned to dictatorship.

Respected collegues, we send this letter to all world leading national agencies, in hope that with it`s pubblication, you would be able to help us. We are sending notification to gentelmen from AIPS with request to be brought in disscusion in Congress in Milan on April 28th.


We also, took liberty to inform you that we wrote several times to Mr Sep Blater and Mr Mishel Platiini, but so far, they did not show interes in our problem.


With your solidarity and pubblication of our letter, you will be able to help stoping the rule on only one individual in sport.


Today, newspaper DAN have problem with Dictator Mr Savicevic, tomorow, it could be your agency.


Our journalists, Mr Veselin Drljevic and Mr Todor Brajkovic will take part in AIPS Congres in Milan from April 28th untill May 3th.

Thank you for understanding

With respect


Mladen Milutinovic


Director and editor in-charge

Veselin Drljevic

Editor of sports sections


Source: AIPS


Somali football media department




Cell: +25250 969815

Office: +2521 220176

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